Newel Post Wraps

INTEX Newel Wraps can be applied around existing structural members or used in stand-alone, non-structural applications, delivering everything needed for a quick, easy, and secure installation.
Several newel posts wraps are also available in corner “C”, inline “L” and three-side “E” panel configurations. INTEX Newels are made from quality 5/8” thick PVC, and are designed for use with all INTEX Rail Systems. Custom sizing and applications are also available.

Newel Wrap Styles

Flat Panel
Recessed Panel
Recessed Panel With Inlay
Raised Panel
Panel 4-Side; Line, Corner, End

Extruded 5″ Newels

Adjustable Shims

Shims can be set for the distances listed above by aligning the ‘steps’ on each half to create desired thickness. Shims can only be set every 1/16th. If the size you need falls in between, use the next size down.
Shim diagram w/ measurements

Fabricated 5″ & 6.5″ Newels

Mid Newel Post Mount

INTEX Post Mounts are post surface mounts designed for installing a post to concrete, wood or composite decking. INTEX Post Mounts are wood post replacements and are designed with an adjustable leveling feature to ensure accurate installation. Post Mounts are made from steel with Dachromate coating for superior rust prevention in even the most severe environments.
For longer spans INTEX can provide a post mount with a PVC cover to allow for a continuous top rail while providing structural support at mid span up to 16 feet. INTEX Post Mounts can replace a pressure treated 4×4 and work well with INTEX Newel Post Wraps.

Millwork Newels

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